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I first learned about Red Leaf through a photographer friend. She told me about their awesome Lighting Guide ( which I purchased, and yes, it is awesome).  From the start I was sold not only on their quality of work but also on all of the amazing products they created. One of the ones that caught my eye from the start was their Lightroom Film Presets.  Which worked for both Nikon and Canon (huge plus).   I had was using another company’s film presets but they always felt unnatural and too extreme.  It it very important to me to provide my clients timeless images that they will love not only today, but also in 5, 10 or even 20 years from now.  Images that will still feel current rather than outdated and trendy.  Red Leaf Lightroom Presets help me maintaining that beautiful and classic aesthetic much like real film does.  I found that presets were simple to use and implement into my workflow.  I love Red Leaf and I am so glad I found them I do not use anything else in my post production anymore.  Their customer service is remarkable, Richard and Amy are amazing and so helpful.  They have gone above and beyond to help and provide additional information, those two just “Rock”.   Cheers   -GC

Just a quick Thank You So Much for creating such gorgeous & easy-to-use presets and offering them to photographers.  I’m completely blown away at how amazing your presets are at nailing the look that used to take me so much longer to create. On my very first run with your LR Film Emulsion presets, I processed an entire photo-shoot (100 images) in under an hour .. which includes card upload time, importi../css/p_ _p__img src_.css"../wp-content/themes/prophoto4/images/blank.gif" data-lazyload-src="" class="aligncenter ov-done" width="880" height="10" alt="" title="pg_break" data-pin-url=""/>

I’ve been using Red Leaf Studio’s actions for a few years now, because they are without a doubt the best actions out there, especially if you want to make your digital images look film-like or have that soft vintage feel.  Not only does Red Leaf create amazing actions, but they are also the sweetest, kindest people. When they heard about my husband’s brain tumor, stroke, and need for fundraising to continue his rehabilitation and pay for medical bills, they immediately offered to help.  They generously donated $4000.00 towards Isaac’s Therapy.  -Stephanie Williams

I have a ton of “other” actions purchased over the past couple of years, but since I started using the Red Leaf actions, I find I rarely use all the other actions I’ve invested in.  Richard and Amy have the actions dialed in and my workflow has definitely benefited as a result!  -Amy Jensen

I appreciate all that you are sharing – heart and soul – and more than that I appreciate you are doing this genuinely with no attempt to earn ROCK STAR status – you are a rock to me in the sea of wannabees – let them wanna and you just be. Thank you for the refreshing honest open approach you make this place for others. Wishing you well. And thank you again. -Crackle Bingham

Thank you so much for creating your film solution actions. It is my go-to almost every time. I really appreciate that you created the actions for properly expose photos. I like to get things right in camera. Many of the other actions I’ve tried require an underexpose photo, so I rarely end up using them.  Your actions add that subtle pop to make the photos look radiant, but still natural and organic.  Thank you again for creating a great product.  -Ling Wang

Our team of Jillian and Ryan McGrath from Jillian McGrath Photography cannot say enough great things about all of the products that Red Leaf Studios produces. Their wealth of knowledge is amazing and endless. We eagerly await each new product from Amy and Richard because we know they will always help us put our best foot forward and fill us in on some little tips and tricks we were unaware of.

Their posing guide has taken our images form stiff awkward poses and made them more fluent and natural. It has allowed us to capture the true beauty that is within all of our subjects and also allows them to just relax and be themselves, still achieve amazing results. Even better, we have never had a complaint about feeling uncomfortable or out of place. It has allowed us to just enjoy the time we have with our couples and allowed them to do the same.

The lighting guide has helped us harness the light that is constantly surrounding us, and use the sun to make the most simple and impactful images. It has also allowed us to better understand the equipment we use to make our images right in camera which makes our post processing faster and more enjoyable. We do not know a single photographer who WANTS to sit in front of a computer all day editing, so this has helped us to get out more and do what we truly love, be behind the lens.

As our business has grown we’ve wanted to have a more consistent look, feel and experience for everyone we work with. The branding guide has helped us do just that while adding the special little things that make us memorable to everyone we work with. It has also helped us with the little things that let our couples know that we care about them, who doesn’t love that?  -Jillian McGrath Photography

When you head over to the newly redesigned Red Leaf Studios Photographer Boutique you notice that, just like their photography, the site itself is simple, elegant, and timeless. The fact that you can fast forward 10 years and the site can look the same and still be gorgeous says a lot about this website & their designers. The logo is bold, the colors are bold yet calming and this just helps to show that they know what they are doing. They give you this feeling that their products “just work.” The typography that they use to build the site up is flawless in my opinion. Typography is one of those things that looks so simple but is so complicated when it comes to actually designing it. What makes it even more amazing is that this website has a perfect synergy with their actions. Complicated to build but so simple to use. In the end, we as the customers just want exactly what they give us. Something that is easy to use but just WORKS! Everything about Red Leaf Boutique from their logo, to the web presence, down to the product itself is simple to use, elegant, and timeless. Nothing about Red Leaf will ever go out of style.    -Mike Victorick | 3E Photography

I just wanted to write and let you know that you have absolutely changed my photography and most definitely my post processing workflow.   I am a very, very new photographer; I actually haven’t even owned a DSLR for a year yet.. so needless to say my style has been changing and evolving at a rapid pace. I can finally say though.. FINALLY.. after all of these months, I have come closer than ever before to defining my style. Your actions have played a huge role in that.  I always had a vision in my mind of where I wanted my photography to go, but somehow struggled with making it come to life in my post processing. I tended to overkill with the processing… all I could think when editing was all of the technical info I’d read on so many forums.. bump those mid-tones way up.. sharpen those eyes.. get your CMYK skin tones right.. but even after all this tweaking and fussing in Photoshop my work still didn’t feel right.. look right.. almost like the processing didn’t go with my captures…? Then I bought their film actions..

I am in awe of the perfect, beautiful simplicity of these actions. From day 1 I literally sighed and squealed out loud when I tried them on my first image; rather than overpowering my images with too much drama.. they instead subtly enhance my images and showcase them as I envision in my mind.. this is brilliant and fantastic to me.. Thank you so much.   I’ve now removed the miriad of other actions from Photoshop. All that remains are my own actions, and Red Leaf Actions. It’s simply all I need.

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful actions. They truly have changed everything for me!  – Shauna Heron

Red Leaf actions have simplified my work flow and help me on a daily basis in creating artistic “wow” images out of otherwise ordinary snapshots. Nothing is more gratifying than to see an image transform at the click of a Red Leaf action! Thanks for doing what you do  -Jessica Hemrick

I adore every single one of your actions. They are like the perfect jewelry for an emotional image. In a digital world, you have brought the warmth and depth of film to life. -Caroline Jensen

I love every single black and white action you guys have. I use them all the time. They give every image that soft organic look that is stunning. -Kimberly Thiessen

Have to write to say how much your Actions have changed the way I edit now. The last two weddings I have shot have simply been raw converted and the the actions run on them. The first wedding had the film shift champagne action and the last one, a beach wedding had the cool blue film shift action. Saved and finished, both wedding have been completely finished in two days, love the action, thanks heaps. -Keith Anderson

I purchased your actions a few weeks ago and I believe these are the best actions I got…simple to use and amazing post processing end look. I love the fact that each action is in it’s group and easy to customize each sub-layer  I now built a few batch jobs that really gets my life easy. Summer is almost here in Montreal and can’t to get the wedding season going. Thank you Red Leaf, investment is very worth it.  -Paolo Taverna

I absolutely adore all sets of your actions. As I am new to photography (& hoping to soon call it a profession), I’m so glad that I found your actions as soon as I did. Your lovely actions help me edit & enhance my images so quickly and elegantly. They allow me to give a vintage glow to my captures without spending hours editing. I’m so inspired by your work and hope to learn enough to become a great photographer.  -Lauren Robertson

First and foremost, your photographs are encouraging, compelling, and intriguing. It only makes sense that the advice and actions you provide are equally as amazing. Your actions have helped streamline my workflow and allow me to have more time behind the camera or with friends and family…and that’s priceless. Thanks so much for everything you do!   -Ashley Brody Vaughn

I scrapped all the actions I previously had and now use your actions exclusively on all my images. These are by far the best actions I’ve ever used- the colors and vibrancy elevate my photos to another level. Its nice to have a company that really understands color and tone and can craft tools to express it.   -Jaysen Michael

All of my final images include a Red Leaf action. The actions I use on a regular basis are Custom Colourflow (Warm), Custom BWflow and Remove Blue Cast. Their actions will take your pictures to the next level. If I could only keep one set of Actions for Photoshop it would be Red Leaf’s workflow. -Sarah Lewis

For me, post-processing is about confidence. I am at my most productive when I know I am moving toward a result that is beautiful, compelling, and complete.   By virtue of using Red Leaf’s workflow actions I feel that I’ve actually become better at capture. When I hit my stride of getting good exposures during a session, my images really “sing” once the RL actions are applied. I was surprised to discover that I’ve actually become a better photographer with these tools.   The biggest thing for me is the fact that these actions allow MY photography to shine through. So many actions I’ve tried paint with such a heavy brush that I feel like I lose a part of my art, my vision, in the process. Actions should be about finesse.   If your goal is to become a better photographer, increase your confidence and efficiency, and improve your overall post-processing…look no further.   -Eric Rudd

Your action are my go to action the only ones I use. Love the vintage soft tones they give my photos a very unique looks. I use the auto histogram+ on almost all my photos.   -Linda Wesseler

I’ve been completely enjoying working with your actions! They are a wonderful addition to my workflow as I like my images to keep a very timeless look and the film actions add the perfect touch. Thank you!  -Alicia Brown

One could say I am obsessed with Red Leaf actions! From the first time I used my first set it was instant love. I have purchased every set and each time a new set comes out I am continually blown away as I never think it can ‘out-do’ the last, but it always does! I love that with the click of a button my images become subtly enhanced, but the actions are never overpowering which allows me to maintain my personal photographic style. I can’t say enough good things about how they have helped me achieve an optimal post-processing workflow. I can’t imagine editing my images without them!  -Kim Spears

Red leaf actions are an inspiration even when I composite in my photos. I use them in unique ways because they are quite sophisticated and they give the feeling I want when I am exploring new work or even finished projects.   -Janelle Morte

I love Red Leaf Actions! I feel like my workflow has gone down considerably and my pictures really stand out! My fav is Colorflow, don’t know what I would do without it! Thank you Red Leaf.   -Missy Bachmeier

I absolutely love my Red Leaf Actions. They have given my photos such a unique look and i love how they have simplified my editing! My favorites are Auto Histogram and Colorflow in the workflow actions. Thank you!   -Jodi Sware

Your Red Leaf Actions are the only set that I have currently. These alone have made my editing basically a one click process. I can’t say enough great things about what the two of you have done with all of these actions. Amazing.   -Love Through Lens Photography

I love how the workflow and vintage actions streamline my editing and make my photos look great! I also love that they can be adjusted and altered in so many ways to give so many options and different looks.  -Melanie Alsdorf

I LOVE my Red Leaf Actions for my photography workflow! I use them for almost every session and it makes editing photos a breeze! I haven’t found any actions that I like as much as these and now that I have them, I couldn’t live without them! With one click they add a classic vintage look to my photos, leave them looking consistent and professional. Definitely the key ingredient to any photographer’s arsenal of editing tools.   -Lauren Winter Photography

I love you actions, they have changed everything about my workflow, taking it from random and never knowing if it looked finished and polished to knowing it looks perfect every time. Not over done, but polished to perfection…in under a minute. Thank you.  -Amy Malott

The Red Leaf actions have saved me countless hours of photo editing for one simple reason – they look AMAZING. No crazy tweaking, no layer adjusting, just enjoying the results. Out of all of the actions sets available today (which there are hundreds) the Red Leaf Actions have worked consistently (all of their action sets) to create image toning and processing that is second to none. Red Leaf’s actions are by far my favorite film emulation actions. The best!   -David MacVicar

Your actions have cut my editing time by over half, and I feel I have achieved the style I’ve been wanting in my photography. I love, love, love all things Red Leaf. Thank you for being so awesome!   -Christen Barnes

I have made 2 RedLeaf purchases and both times I have not regretted it! That cannot be said for my other action purchases. I use Red Leaf’s Colorflow and Black and White flow actions on the majority of my images that need boosting. They’re simple yet profound.   -Emily Heinl

 I like the simplicity of the actions, I appreciate the fact that I have full control of each layer. For the price of the actions, it is well worth the investment, especially having 4 children and one more on the way, it fit my budget perfectly. I plan on getting the workflow actions next =) I encourage anyone who doesn’t have these actions, buy em! you wont regret it….   -Daniel Bruce

I am a HUGE fan of your guys work. Then I started buying your actions and was blown away! At first I only had the Retro & original Vintage set! But loved them from day one. Then I bought the Film Shift set and a part of my heart grew. Of… course I bought the Signature Film Set too and then I finally bought the one I should have bought first…the Workflow set! OMG…I truly truly have no words to describe how I love all your sets, but especially the workflow set! I’ve read this before about your workflow set but didn’t really get it until I had them. They have TRULY completely changed the I edit and the time. I’m getting edits done in LESS than half the time it used to take, and with MUCH better & cleaner results! It’s amazing how many compliments I get and everyone wants to know what I used! I always send them your way! So…all of your actions are at the top of my actions panel and my go to workflow and creative actions. Thank you SO much for creating such a top notch, high end quality set of actions. It’s rare these days to find top quality and yours are worth every.penny!!!   -Crystal Ziegenfuss

I am seriously in ♥LOVE♥ with your actions! I have tried so many other action sets, but I have never been satisfied with all the tweaking I had to do to make them work with my photos. Red Leaf actions are “just right”! I don’t have to do much (if any) tweaking – they just enhance my photos and give them the soft vintagey look I love without being overdone. I love that there is a lot of variety between all the different sets (I have them all) so I don’t get bored, yet I’m able to maintain that consistent style in my work. They are truly such an important part of my workflow and finished images, I don’t know what I’d do without these actions!   -Nicole Remacle Paulk

I have a LOT of actions… way too many to keep track of and use. But NONE of them compare to the actions from Red Leaf Studios! I absolutely love the workflow actions and I can’t imagine life without them! I am cleaning up my action palette and saying goodbye to all of those unwanted and unused actions by other photographers! Red Leaf is all I need!!!  -April Landorf-Smith

I am not sure why it took me so long to buy your posing guide…….and I’m regretting every second that I struggled with posing previous clients in the past. I just have to tell you that I’m so excited to utilize my new found knowledge on Saturday’s session. Plus, as soon as my teen son comes home from school, I will be using him to practice the more “masculine poses”. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am truly grateful and just love your work. Thank you for inspiring me! -Christina Koon