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Posing & Photography Guide

This guide is not a flip-book of poses, rather it is a comprehensive booklet created to educate you on what we believe are the key principles to a great pose. We also discuss some of the lighting and capture techniques that we use in our sessions.

Like a point of stillness within movement, a beautiful pose gives the impression of being a single moment captured from an extended scene or story. And yet creating natural, harmonious, and effortless looking poses is a fine art – it requires an understanding of classical imagery, the human form, perspective, and the subtleties of body language. In this extensive, 84 page two volume posing and photography guide we illuminate the principles of great posing for both individuals and couples, taking a refined and gentle approach to putting the client at ease, settling into a space, and achieving perfect capture. An invaluable resource for portrait and wedding photographers, this guide will help you to recognize common posturing mistakes and quickly remedy them while approaching posing with refreshed creativity and confidence.

“I have purchased some posing guides before and often been let down by them. Either I didn’t think the poses were very appealing, or there was not enough discussion about the thought process behind successful posing. I decided to give the Red Leaf Boutique posing guide a try because I thought their photography was beautiful and ethereal and I wanted a glimpse into how they create their art. This guide surprised me — in a positive way. It is a very thoughtful and philosophical look at the art of posing with references to fine art paintings and other artful inspiration such as ballet, and it doesn’t treat posing as a separate, isolated element of portraiture but shows how it ties in with lighting, composition and storytelling. The tone of the guide is personal and makes you feel like you are inside a session with them, and you walk away with some other session tips as well. If you are looking for a laundry list of poses to print out for your next session, you will not find that here. Instead, this guide seeks to inspire and teach real understanding of posing — and, for me, it was exactly what I was looking for.”   -Riikka Olson

“When I heard that Richard and Amy were working on a posing guide, I was so excited because they truly are photographers who have mastered the art of posing. When I first opened the guide I knew immediately that this was going to help take posing to the next level. As I started to read, immediately there were so many “aha” moments where things really clicked and made so much sense. No matter what your style of posing, this guide will teach you what to watch for and help avoid awkward angles. The examples of unposed and then posed photographs are brilliant and make it so easy to see how just quick and easy changes can make a world of difference in the outcome of the photo. I love how the tips and techniques will apply to every shoot and rather than being cookie cutter poses that you repeat over and over, they just will help you bring out the very best in every client. Thank you so much Richard and Amy for your dedication to help photographers become more successful & confident at what they do!” -Laurie Johnson

“Everything you show us changes the way I shoot, the way I see light and the way I edit. There are no words to describe how grateful I am that I have found your guidance. The posing Guide changed the way I thought. My last session ROCKED because of you. Thank you so much.” -Amy Malott

“Yesterday I purchased the Red Leaf posing guide and how pleasantly surprised I was. You exceeded all my expectations. This was not like any posing guide I had purchased before with the usual stand your bride like this and your groom like this. You explain details that make differences in results with illustrations and your tips on lighting were excellent. I am so pleased to have purchased this and look forward to using the principles in my next shoot.”  -Alex Davies

There are a lot of guides out there on how to light and pose. I think what makes Red Leaf Studio guides so well is that it goes past the basics and incorporates the science behind lighting and posing. The science part is easy because of the simplicity of its explanation along with diagrams and examples on every section. When I am out and about I actually think about the way a person sits or stands when they look beautiful and relaxed. I find a lot of elements you talked about in the posing guide are there. I see light in deeper understanding, most of everything I have learned about light has come from you guys and it has changed my life of photography. Thanks so much for your thorough explanation and always giving your full knowledge to your guides and workshops. The first day of the online workshop was worth the pay from the first article not alone what you have done and added since. Thanks Richard and Amy for putting your love into this.  -Daniel J Pesta

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