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Basic Lighting & Photography Guide

Light is the paint with which a photographer creates their masterpiece, the key to unlocking the beauty in every image.  As available light shooters, we’re constantly watching the light and how it interacts with the environment.  In this guide we’ll show you how to see and understand different qualities of light in diverse situations and how to work with them to create beautiful images from the moment of capture.  We troubleshoot the most difficult lighting situations, answer common questions from other professional photographers, and show you how shooting properly with available light can simplify and streamline your editing while bringing out the natural brilliance in your work.

“To begin, I have to say that every single thing I’ve ever purchased from Red Leaf Studios has been put together in a first class manner. Richard and Amy pay attention to detail and make sure that you are receiving value in your purchases. Now onto the lighting and posing guides. Let’s face it… I don’t want to be among the “haters” about the influx of untrained amateurs flooding the photography industry, but the truth is that education is key if you are going to last in this business. Photography is so much more than just “taking pictures” and Richard and Amy in these two guides give the serious amateur or the struggling professional the tools to take their photos from good to GREAT. They address in detail the settings they use, the tricks they employ, and most importantly the key to any great photo- how to manipulate and use light. I have read through both of these guides over and over and have benefited in a huge way. Thank you Richard and Amy!”-Kina Wicks Photography

“I loved reading your lighting guide, it explains everything is such a structured way. I have been getting such great results now that I am using the knowledge gained from your guide, I look at the light and the surroundings and am able to find the best light now. It really took my photography a step forward.”  -Monique Binkhorst

Thank you Richard and Amy!! Learning more about how you two see and use available, natural light has given me more confidence in my work and encouraged me to try new things. Your Lighting guide is to the point, true to Red Leaf’s style, beautifully designed, and a great resource for understanding light. I had so many aha! moments while reading it. Before reading the guide I was constantly looking at light anyway, but now I look a little closer, a little longer, and I see things a little differently.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! -Bianca Madsen

 PDF Basic Lighting & Photography Guide $35.00

Please note, this guide covers available light photography only, and does not examine flash or studio lighting.

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