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Q. Are your photoshop actions are compatible with elements?

A. No, our actions will not work with elements, and at this time we do not offer actions for elements.

Q. Are your Lightroom Presets compatible with version 3.0 or older?

A. Our Develop Presets were created for version 4.x and will not work with older version.

Q. What are actions?

A. Actions are simply a series of commands for Photoshop. You simply press “play” on an action and it will follow a set of instructions to enhance or alter your image.

Q. How do I install the actions?

A. The easiest way to install actions in Photoshop is to first unzip the file, then drag and drop the .atn file onto the actions palette in Photoshop.  Alternatively, from the actions palette you can click the on the drop-down menu and select, load actions.

Q. How will I receive the items once I purchase them?

A. Once you purchase the actions, presets or guides, you will instantly receive a link to download them to your computer. You will then have 24hrs to download your product.  The files will be delivered in a .ZIP format. It is your responsibility to back them up once you receive them.

Q. What version of Photoshop do I need for these actions?

A. Our actions have been tested on all CS versions. Some of the actions are specific to CS4 and later.

Q. I am not getting good results from these actions/presets, why?

A. The results from these actions/presets is dependent on the “quality” of the original image. These actions/presets are designed to enhance images that are already properly exposed and color corrected. They will not “fix” a poorly exposed image, or an image with improper white balance.

Q. Do you offer refunds if I am not pleased with the results?

A. There are no refunds under any circumstances.

Q. I lost all my actions/presets. Can you resend them to me?

A. It is your responsibility to make a backup copy of the actions when you download them, as such we will not resend you a copy, and you will have to repurchase them.

Q. Can I share my actions, presets or guides?

A. No. It is illegal to redistribute our actions, presets or guides.