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Educational Guides

Basic Lighting & Photography Guide

Light is the paint with which a photographer creates their masterpiece, the key to unlocking the beauty in every imageClick here »

Fashion Boudoir Inspiration Guide

In our extensive fashion boudoir inspiration guide we challenge and inspire photographers to start thinking differentlyClick here »

Branding and Packaging Inspiration Guide

A great brand tells a story.  It strikes a chord in the imagination and stirs a desire to connect with a person,Click here »

Basic Guide for Selling Products

Selecting products that work for you and your business can be overwhelming - there are literally hundreds ofClick here »

Quick Guide to Effective Marketing

In an era of endless twitter feeds and multiplying fan pages, what differentiates truly successful marketing fromClick here »

Posing & Photography Guide

This guide is not a flip-book of poses, rather it is a comprehensive booklet created to educate you on what we believeClick here »

Guide to Beautiful Images

We’ve created this guide to point you towards the beauty that emerges when your work becomes intuitive, clean, andClick here »